Meeting the needs of the last remaining unsung minority Group

Readers have written in complaining that fails to provide meaningful articles aimed at minority groups. I must confess that these complaints do have merit.The difficulty is that all the obvious minorities are already overloaded with magazines and websites dedicated to bringing their plight to public attention.

All the ethnic, religious, and gender groups have already been taken.

Every socio-economic group from the totally impoverished to the struggling middle class has venues to tell their woes to the world, which leads us to the minority groups’ final frontier:  The obscenely rich.

Billionaires have no one to tell their stories of woe, or to offer sound advice to the needy

The UK based Financial Times appears to be the only media group which has recognized the needs of the obscenely rich. Their weekend magazine How to Spend It provides detailed information aimed directly at the financially well-off billionaires who find it increasingly difficult to avoid associating with the hoipolloi multimillionaires. Alone, the FT provides a venue where this minority group can find answers to their pressing needs

Ø Where can one find a decent hotel room  for $10,000 a day?

Ø Who has the latest in yacht-rentals for the customer interested in the super-yacht class — $100,000+ per month (exclusive of helicopter fees)?

Ø Which wine labels will bring the greatest envy to your dinner guests?

Ø How much does one tip the butler after a weekend at an English country estate and at what point can you offer to buy your host’s house without appearing to be gauche?

The FT has it all, plus things you never thought of (or were too ashamed to ask).

It is time that the U.S. print market make the move to meet the needs of the 21st century billionaire reader. For example, it is time Fortune Magazine updated their lists of the 500 biggest this, and the 100 largest that, to include the categories that meet the needs of the to the contemporary obscenely rich.

Here are but a few obvious suggestions:

The Fortune 500 largest corporate tax evaders (sorry make that avoiders). For example, GE with 2010 revenue of $196 billion and profit of $19 billion ranks 6th.  However, with 2010 tax payments of $0 GE leads the list of tax non-payers.

The Fortune 100 list of the world’s most expensive brothels. The first meaningful guide for the discerning global business traveler who demands the best of everything.

The Fortune 100 list of corrupt politicians — with price lists attached.  An invaluable compendium for those planning to play a more pro-active role in their local and national government’s decision making process.

The Fortune 500 list of successful drug lords— with income statements and complete information on their daily routine movements as well as movements of their loved ones. An absolutely vital source of information for those looking to move ahead in this highly competitive industry.

The Fortune List of 100 most successful business schools (as defined by the number of graduates indicted in the current year for fraud in excess of $100 million). Single most important guide for those planning a career in financial services.

Together with its companion survey

The Fortune list of 100 most successful law schools (as defined by the number of graduates whose clients were indicted in the current year for fraud in excess of $100 million but were either found not-guilty or managed to avoid both jail time and restitution in excess of $1000.

The Fortune 100 list of most important nurseries and kindergartens (with lists of all parents name and net worth).  It is never too early for your children to begin make the connections they will need to ensure success. In the words of one parent,The selection of the right nursery may be the most important decision you can make for your child.This is where our Freddy met his ex-partner, his lawyer and his parole officer

Let no one say that in these difficult times shirked their responsibility in the fight to bring equality to minority groups.

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