Return to the U.S. Two-Party System

I want to speak on behalf of the U.S two-party system.

Traditionally the U.S. had two mainstream political parties, plus any number of fringe parties.  The mainstream parties, whether politically to the right or left, were moderate centrist while the fringe parties, again whether politically to the right or left, were at the extremes.

One of the U.S. great strengths was that everyone had a place in the political system.  For the moderate majority, there was a place in one of the two mainstream parties while those who felt more comfortable at the extremes could either join one of the many fringe parties or form their own party.  Flat-Earthers, Know-Nothings, Atheists and Religious fanatics, whatever your beliefs you had  place the great U.S. political melting pot. Klansman, Nazi, Communist, everyone was free to don their  white sheets, put on their jackboots, pick up their signs in praise of Saint Joseph Stalin and march down Main Street U.S.A.

The only caveat was that Congress suggested that you should not try to overthrow the U.S. Government by.  And, even here there was a welcoming place for you and your bazooka in the National Rifle Association.

The system went well until some politicians decided to create the Big-Tent concept.  “Why should you be excluded from the mainstream just because you live on the lunatic-fringe?  Come with and join us.  There is a place for you in the Republican Party.”

The message was enthralling.  For the first time the lunatic fringe was given a voice in national politics and policy.   And, they took advantage of the opportunity.  Membership in the Republican became limited to a new dogma. Throw out the Hispanics!  Deny Blacks the Vote!  Return women to the kitchen and the bedroom, where they belong! Children shold be not seen and not heard at election time!   and above all Our sole purpose is to deny the opposition the opportunity to govern

Those who showed insufficient zeal or were suspected of an insidious tendency toward compromise, were politely asked to leave the fold.  Some retired, while others were defeated in primary elections.  As the Republican Party is now constituted, neither Richard Nixon (the founder of EPA), nor Ronald Reagan (who increased taxes on capital gains) would be permitted to join.

As for Abraham Lincoln — equal rights for blacks — forget about him

The big tent had become Bedlam.

The Republican Party failed to understand that having excluded Hispanics, blacks women and the young, there were left to vote Republican.

The Republican Party having lost the election, must decide the fundamental reasons for that defeat.

There are but two alternatives:

  1. The party has migrated too far to the extremes and must move back to the center.
  1. The party did not go far enough in support of the new dogma and must move further to the extremes

At this moment the proponents alternative 2 seem to be winning the battle.

I want to speak on behalf of the U.S. two-party system.

It worked well.

Since the Republican Party has taken over the third-party position, the country needs a new second mainstream party.

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