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  1. I couldn’t disagree more with you, Sir, when you say “compliance is flawed”, as agreeing with you that cheap labour is not the answer, but productivity.
    If compliance is flawed because local laws differ from country to country, and that is the reason why it is not taken seriously, I’m afraid you have failed to understand the remit of thousands of ethical compliance professionals making a contribution to the improvement of the lives of millions of workers worldwide, every day. I can assure you they are taken seriously by factory management, the workers and the brands that manufacture in those factories.
    Human rights, discrimination, bonded labour… these are abuses much more difficult to identify and certainly less easily measurable than a sleeve length spec, that is correct. But they are no less important to today’s ethical retailer and its customers.
    That is why we are making progress, even in Bangladesh and in Tamil Nadu; you just need to look a little harder…
    Best wishes
    Jorge M. de Silva

    • admin says:

      Dear de Silva:

      It was never my intention to denigrate the work of honest professionals working to make the industry a better place. Furthermore, I certainly agree there are factories and customers that have well deserved reputations for ethical behavior.

      The above notwithstanding, I do maintain that the current system of compliance was flawed from the outset and as a direct result of these flaws became corrupt. Please understand, these conclusions are the result of a lifetime’s work in a very large number of countries.

      I would ask, that instead of criticizing my conclusions on the basis of a 10 minute blurb. you reserve your opinion until after the actual webinar, at which point you will have an opportunity to voice your criticism.


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