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The New Holitistic Supply Chain: Where is it:?

A request from John

Thanks for your investment in writing the blog.  I would like to see an address of why sourcing is a strategic area for the buyer.  Often there is such a laser-like focus on “who can make Read More

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The Chinese Puzzle

2011 was the worst garment-export year for China  in a decade.  As of the 10 months ending 31 November 2011, China’s U.S. market share as measured both in units and by value was down over 4% compared with the same … Read More

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Investing for Profit during the Coming Recession – or – The Idiots Guide to Monkey Business

My investments and I have not faired well. Every day I see my meager savings growing progressively more meager.  In desperation I made an urgent appointment to discuss my concerns with my investment councilor.  Three weeks later he finally found … Read More

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