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The Decline of the U.S. Garment Industry

The United States is home to the world’s largest garment consuming country.  Yet it has virtually no viable domestic garment making industry.

This is a remarkable state of affairs.  The United States invented the clothing ready-to-wear industry.  At the end … Read More

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Garment Import Consolidation in Difficult Times

For the past year importers have been in a state of flux, trying to reconcile rising supplier costs with falling consumer demand.  Desperation brought radical changes, rushing hither and yon in search of low cost suppliers.  Business was taken from … Read More

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China and Its Place in a Changing U.S. Market II: PRODUCT

Much has been written about the underlying causes of China garment export declines.  Garment industry specialists and economists point to macro-economic factors, such as currency revaluation, rising labor costs and labor shortages as well as trade subsidies and inflation, just … Read More

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TPP Free Trade Agreement for Garments: Plan B

For over 20 years all negotiations for U.S. garment related free trade agreements have been governed by 2 assumptions.

1.    Without the support of the textile industry, the U.S.  Congress  will reject any proposed garment free trade agreement.

As a … Read More

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